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Faça parte da família Elements . Junte-se hoje.


    Nuno and Marco Santos are the face behind the portuguese jewellery brand “Dos Santos fine jewellery”.

    A team that combines the creative capacity and the talent of two gemologists, graduated from the most important international institutions in gemology – G.I.A Gemological Institute of America and HogeRaadVor Diamant, Antwerp.


    Dos Santos fine jewellery is the realization of the passion for the traditional, manufacture art, by the oldest techniques of portuguese jewellery that gives place to original jewellery with a new dimension.


    António designs exclusive pieces in conceptual idea, reinventing and at the same time immortalizing the author’s trait with each new creation.


    Keeps the identity by aimming at the new with excitement, experience and curiosity.

    The designer breathes art and technique and is motivated by many stimuli of life, culture and nature.


    Self-taught, António walks on jewellery fields, design and art.

    He has won important international awards and has been dedicated in showing artistic samples, where he combines the abstract with the ludic, that are essential to his design.


    The German brand Niessing is the greatest exponent when it comes to contemporary jewellery.

    Created in 1873, the main principles that guide them are to push to the limit the materials and men’s ideas.


    Along these years, so many iconic jewellery has left the Niessing atelier in Vreden, where stands out the Tension Ring designed in 1979 by Valter Witterk, protected today as a work of art and present in some museums all over the world.


    Design, perfection and purity. This is Niessing.


    Lise Vanrycke was born and lives in Paris. Since a young age she has been involved in the artistic world by influence of her parents, a photographer and a painter, and went to study art at the university.


    In the year of 2000, she creates Vanrycke brand.

    As a parisian, she captures the spirit of time and modernism. “Everything inspires me: a detail on Saint Laurent coat, ellegant hands, a rock or a Carl Andre piece of art.”


    Lise is guided by th simplicity and the precise proportions.

    Her jewellery elevates the femininity and sensuality.



    Founded in 1897 by Emanuel Peter in Zurich, he was the inventor of the first ring without any welding. Since then that Meister concentrates in producing the best wedding bands and wedding rings.

    The brand has won several design awards, such as Reddot Design award or the If Design award, that puts the brand focused on the future.

    Meister combines tradition and high tech with and extremely qualified employees to get the best puncture jewellery “Made in German” and “Made in Switzerland”


    Born and raise in Viana do Castelo on the year of 1975, Liliana has soon dedicated to the art of jewellery, graduating in Esad Porto.


    Since 2004 that she looks for a new re-interpretation of the portuguese filigree.

    She has won several international awards and represents Portugal in a series of design events.

    Today, her pieces are present in many museums around the world, like MoMa in New York and Toquio.


    With a history that spans over 100 years, Georg Jensen represents a high quality and a timeless design aesthetic, producing a variety of products from watches, silverware, jewellery and home deco.

    The philosophy of Georg Jensen himself was to create a democratic design that personify the functionality of aesthetics.

    His handmade skill and artistic talent combined with his instinct to identify and produce talented drawings, that where the principles that served to create his brand in Copenhagen in 1904.

    Transported to the XXI. century, Georg Jensen remains faithful to these principles, inspiring new borders in the world of design and re-interpreting the classics of it’s long history.


    Ana Cardim was born in Lisbon and soon manifest her will to create jewellery that wasn’t just to embellish the body.

    Taking on the aesthetic aspect of her creations, the designer chases the concept through the formal purification in all of her pieces in Nude collection.

    Her jewellery send us to a classic imaginary and futuristic inovation.

    ELEMENTS 75´80

    In this category we present different jewellery approaches that capture our attention by design, materials or production techniques.

    Jewellery that presents itself like small jewellery pieces selected by us. Creations by several artisans of different places, that provoke our interest and by that they integrate the portfolio of our stores.


    The heritage of St. Dupont goes back in time where the biggest french artisans were selected to create the most excepcional objects that talent and human skill allowed.

    Today it is presente in the spirit of the brand to produce the best luxury products, since the writing universe, passing by the fineste leather good until the exclusive world of smoking objects, where it clearly stands out its iconic lighter.

    A Elements 75´80 é um espaço dedicado à joalharia contemporânea e às pedras preciosas aberto ao público desde 2008.

    Nuno e Marco dos Santos, sangue novo da joalharia nacional, que após um percurso internacional juntaram-se para realizar este projecto de joalharia, o qual tem como orientação um princípio muito claro, na Elements 75´80 só se apresentam jóias e objectos que pessoalmente ambos respeitam e admiram.

    Inovação, criatividade e vanguarda são algumas das premissas que caracterizam as marcas representadas em exclusivo pela Elements 75´80 e que se apresentam como uma via alternativa ao mundo das “marcas globais” e da uniformidade.

    Nas suas lojas não se encontram marcas ou jóias focadas na produção em massa. Na Elements 75´80 encontram-se os clássicos do futuro.


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